Of Content Marketing and Change Management

Of Content Marketing and Change Management

I’ve been reading Jay Baer’s book ‘Hug Your Haters’ lately, and loving it. It outlines and addresses one of the biggest issues companies are facing today, and puts the spotlight on a broader key focus area for us content marketing practitioners; Change Management. 

As content marketing is a consumer centric craft, it goes hand in hand with the people-centric approach of organisational change management. They hail from the same ideal, that to succeed today you need to focus on people, be it consumers, stakeholders or employees. We are moving away from silos and ‘small marketing’, however the purpose of the shift, the end goal of change, needs to be clearly defined and it needs to be embraced by all involved in order to effectively manage and implement a sustainable change. We do this by digging into the true needs and aspirations of audience, be it internal or external. 

Unite Your Troops

Working closely with companies today, we help guide them through the audience factors and digital trends that impacts on the organisational structure, and how these insights can help define the purpose and objective of change. Consumers today don’t just want a transaction, they want fulfilment, validation, experience. Right now.  This is why understanding the role of all departments in the greater picture – Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, R&D, IT and HR – is so critical, as an holistic internal structure working towards a common goal will ensure collaboration and consistency across the organisation, and a united front that recognises the audience need regardless of touch-point and vertical.

So, change management should happen due to a clearly defined audience need or white space opportunity, and you will only fully understand this by understanding your consumer. If you need to start somewhere, start there, start with your audience, start with Customer Service department, start hugging your haters!